What should a men do if he is going to be waxed?, You can prepare for your wax treatment, to get the best results please follow this guide, the order is not important but the issues raised are worth reading about.


Please do not moisturise on the day of your appointment – we like to keep your skin in a natural state which will help the waxing process. Any product on the skin may make the task more difficult. Every other day – please do moisturise as it helps to prevent ingrown hairs.


It is great if you can shower before an appointment, especially for intimate waxing, but you will be given wipes to freshen up with anyway. Let us know in advance if you would like to shower here before your wax and we will make it available for you. With open pores after your treatment, your body will need a little help to defend itself adequately from infection. Please follow aftercare advice carefully.

Is waxing right for me?

We cannot wax if you have a contagious skin condition, severe eczema, cuts or wounds. We cannot do intimate waxing if you have an STI. If you use Roaccutane, Retin-A , steroid cream, Differin or most acne products – you will need to wait for six months after finishing medication, as these medications can make the skin fragile and dry which is unsuitable for waxing. Also we will not recommend waxing if a more permanent method of hair removal makes sense, or if the issue is just temporary. We will do a full, free consultation prior to performing any work, to make sure all is well.

First time waxer?

One issue is that your first wax may take a little longer than subsequent waxes – partly because your body is used to the hairs being there and may be reluctant to part with them – and partly because we will take extra time to explain what we are doing as we go. You may experience a little more discomfort than regular waxers, especially if we are waxing intimate areas or the male chest. There may be some blood spots as the hair is removed, this is quite normal especially where the hair is course. Your skin may become pink as a reaction to the treatment but this should go in a few hours. We will be as quick and gentle as possible. Subsequent visits will be easier than the first!

Skin Condition

Do yourself a favour and even if you normally have a brutal disregard for your own skin, try to exfoliate a few days before your wax appointment and moisturise afterwards. Then the hairs should find their way out of their follicles with the minimum of fuss.

Possible Reactions

The back and chest can break out after waxing, especially for first time waxers. If you often react to shaving, the same may happen with waxing. We use strip and non-strip wax to give the most gentle treatment possible, to minimise this.


We don’t mind what you wear before waxing – but afterwards it would be great if you had something clean and loose fitting. If you are having a back or chest wax bring a fresh cotton T-shirt to wear afterwards. If you are having a leg wax have loose fitting trousers not tight jeans. If you are having an intimate wax bring fresh cotton underwear. Your skin will be vulnerable to infection for a day or so after waxing and if you come to us straight after a day at work wearing a less than immaculate shirt, your body is entitled to make a fuss if you put the shirt back on after waxing. So it is best to plan ahead.

Tweezing at home

If you spot a stray hair when you get home after waxing (hopefully not!) by all means tweeze it out if it is within a day or so of waxing, otherwise please leave it as we are trying to get all your hairs into the same growth cycle and random tweezing will make the hair unavailable for waxing next time and so it will not get synchronised with the other hairs.

Optimum Hair Length

Your hair should be the ideal length for waxing to work and to minimise any discomfort. The ideal length is about a centimetre – but anything half a centimetre or more should work fine. If the hair is longer, just leave it and we will quickly clipper it down before waxing, to the correct length. As a guide, if you shave leave about 3 weeks without shaving before your wax appointment. If you wax, leave 4-6 weeks (some regular waxers get away with a 3 week interval).




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