Ways Your Grooming Routine is Failing You.

A man’s grooming routine is a testament to the care and effort he takes into looking good, smelling good and generally, being an awesome guy that others want to be like. However, what you may not know is that your grooming routine may not be as great or as through as you’d like and it could be keeping you from truly looking great and feeling great without you even knowing it. Take a look at these 5 grooming routine mistakes that might be causing you trouble.

You’re Applying Way Too Much Hair Product
Hair product is only as good as the person who uses it and if you are using it wrong, it can take away from the overall look of your hair as well as the quality of it very quickly. A great rule of thumb is that you should only be using a small dollop (or the size of roughly a nickel) of hair product each time you style your hair. This keeps your hair from getting mated together to form thick, sticky cowlicks that can look fairly strange and that can starts flaking away like dandruff as the product crumbles. Work the small amount of hair product through your damp hair from root to tip so that each part of it receives an equal share of the product without overloading certain areas more than others.

You’re in the Land of Denial About Balding
For many men who aren’t able to accept the fact that they are going bald, the instinctual response is to try and coverup the balding spot by combing the hair back, over or around the balding spot. Rather than covering the bare head, it only points it out even more prominently. Instead, cut your hair shorter so that it is at a ¼ or ½ inch; when hair is shorter is tends to stand up straighter, giving the appearance of a fuller hair of head as it easily covers newly balding spots on the head.

You’re Cutting Your Toenails in a Round Shape
Okay, so you go about your toenail clipping routine, cutting the nails back as far as you can go and then rounding the tips so that everything is uniform. It seems like the right choice, but in reality you are just increasing your chances for an ingrown toenail or a nail-fold infection. Instead, allow the toenail to be cut in a square shape as this keeps the chances of foot problems to a minimum.

You’re Using Soaps that are too Harsh on Your Skin
For many men gentle soaps oftentimes get a back wrap for not being enough to get the “manly” stink off of you at the end of the day, so they go for a harsh soap that is far too rough on their skin. This ends up causing the skin to dry out, develop rashes/irritations and pain during shaving time. What you may not know is that many “gentle” soaps are just as capable of cleaning you up as any “manly” soap, but will be able to carefully moisturize and sooth your skin while it is cleaning.

You’re Not Including Moisturizer in Your Grooming Routine
Moisturizer is an oftentimes overlooked grooming product by both men and women that needs to get a more starring role in a grooming routine. It can do everything from give dry skin the moisture it needs to remain plump and youthful to helping to protect the skin with a barrier from the harsh elements like the sun, free radicals and so forth.

Ways Your Grooming Routine is Failing You

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