Wax for men. In these enlightened times, it is not only women who get waxed. Male Hair Removal is extremely popular, partly driven by the aspirational look of the male models and sport stars in designer underpants looming down from billboards and magazines. There is no getting away from it guys, the hair-free look is the look of now. No longer just something that body builders and the like undertake, it seems male hair removal is on the increase.

Of all the various different types of male hair removal, waxing for men is one of the most popular. It is accessible, the effects last longer than shaving, and you get a smooth finish. So, if you have never had a male wax before, or maybe have had a bad experience, what are the things that might concern you, or questions you may have when considering waxing?

There are plenty of people who will tell you how painful it was when they tried it. Images of reality tv shows featuring waxing and screaming men, or that infamous scene in “40 Year Old Virgin” where Steve Carrell has his chest waxed, paint a bad picture. However, the reality is that with anything in life there are good experiences and bad experiences. If you are getting waxed for the first time you should try and find an experienced beauty therapist, who has specific experience waxing men.

Generally speaking a man’s hair is much thicker and more coarse than woman’s hair. An experienced therapist can work fast or slow, and work with you to make it as pain free as possible. There are also different waxes, some aimed specifically at men, that have a cooling and soothing ingredient. The more treatments you have over time, the less painful the process will become. Yes, there is pain, but it does not last.

With hair that has not been waxed before the hair follicles are much more deep rooted, as the hair has been around for quite a while, so the process will be more painful on that first occasion. Since waxing removes the hair at the root, the hair that grows back will be much younger, and not so deep rooted, so the process becomes less painful altogether.

Many people may feel a little embarrassed the first time they go for a male wax. If you visit a professional waxing outfit, they will make you feel at ease. They have been waxing for years, and are used to many sights. You undress in private, and then place your self down on the waxing table with a towel covering you.

As for side effects that should not be any, if you follow a few simple rules. It is worth checking with your doctor that you do not have any ailments that may make waxing problematic. Those that bruise easily, or have diabetes should consult a doctor. If you are sun burnt or have cracked skin where you want to be waxed, then avoid. Wait until the skin if fine before having a wax treatment.


There are a range of waxing treatments available, from shoulder, back, chest, legs, genital area, to full body wax. Obviously the longer the process the more it will cost, but getting a full wax should be less than if you just had all the individual parts of the body done. Body builders like to show off their body’s, after all it is their profession, so they will often have a full body wax.

Chest, Shoulder and Back wax are all self explanatory. The Back, Sack and Crack wax, Brazilian and Hollywood are much more intimate wax treatments. A Brazilian takes of the hair above the penis in and around the pubic bone. This has the effect of leaving a clean and tidy downstairs, but leaves the hair on the balls and penis. A Hollywood takes everything off, including the hair on the balls and shaft. A Back, Sack and Crack wax does what a Hollywood does, clears the back, and all waxes the whole bum (yes, every single bit -hence the “Crack” part.)

These treatments may seem a bit more extreme, but you will be surprised how popular they are. Men removing the hair from their genitals is a lot more common than people think, it is just men do not tend to talk about beauty treatments in the way that women do. I bet if you asked your mates you would be pleasantly surprised at who else shaves or waxes their balls. As such, asking for any of these treatments should not be an embarrassment. Find a waxing salon that have these wax treatments on their menu, especially aimed at men. They will have seen men’s under carriages of every shape and size. The treatment is all done very unassumingly, in a private room. The therapist will probably leave the room while you get undressed, and then you will have a towel covering any intimate parts that are not getting waxed.

Whether you have a small amount of hair on your chest or a complete man carpet covering your body, there is a wax treatment for you. Waxing is great at dealing with the larger parts of the body such as back, legs and chest. It does not matter how hairy you are, or whatever part of the body you want done, waxing is a great solution. For really hirsute men, with thick manes covering their body, it is sometimes best to trim down the body hair with electric body trimmers, before starting the wax.

Waxing is a popular treatment; once you have been waxed, beware, you may never want to stop. You will look great, and your partner will appreciate it. Whether it is just a tidy up, or the full monty, if you want are considering male hair removal, having a wax is one of the best solutions.


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