THINGS EVERY MAN NEEDS TO KNOW TODAY. Veganism has increased up to 360% in 10 years (Ipsos MORI)

Largely thanks to Instagram, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Brady, veganism has been the fashionable foodie choice for the last decade, with adherents in the UK now numbering at least half a million. The classic sterotype – you know, how vegans try to enforce their diet on everyone they meet – may not be entirely accurate, but (peer pressure or not) the dietary decision is undoubtedly still on the rise.

Your age isn’t the best predictor of health (University of Chicago)

Despite age predicting a higher risk of cancer and heart disease, there’s enough robust 80-year-olds outliving obese 45-year-olds that biological, not actual age, is being considered more important. The journal PNAS suggests an alternative model looking at mobility, health and lifestyle. Want to prove your body clock wrong as you age?

Scotland’s vitamin D problem has been solved – take a holiday (PLoS One)

Scotland’s perennial problem with vitamin D has been solved with a scientific study; if the sun won’t come to the Scottish, the Scottish must go to the sun. People who take foreign breaks have higher levels of vitamin D in their blood, which has been linked to wide-ranging health benefits.

There’s too much cheese in the United States

Due to the over-production of farming’s most lucrative dairy product, America is now swimming in more cheese than it can handle, driving prices down and costing the industry millions of dollars in lost revenue. While the dairy farmers look for udder solutions, take advantage of the cheese boon if you find yourself stateside using a healthy guide.

A Tetris movie is in the works

And not just one. Threshold Global Studios say they have funding and ideas for a “trilogy” of movies about, well, spinning interlocking shapes. Short of an avant-garde piece by Lars Von Trier, we can’t see this being any good. The game, however, has been proven to cut out cravings and boost cognitive power.


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