The Rules for Manscaping. Okay guys, you all know why you’re here. We want to look our best at the beach (and other places we wear less clothing… if you know what I mean), but there are a lot of different manscaping methods you can try without overdoing it. Which is the right way? While some choices are entirely up to you, here are a few simple rules that can help you from making any major mistakes. We’ll work from the top down and then back to front.

Don’t wax your eyebrows. No woman will believe you are straight if you have perfect brows. Do clean them up, and be sure to pluck the unibrow. No one wants to see that. Make sure your neck is well trimmed. Your barber should take care of this, but if you aren’t getting a haircut every couple of week, you will probably need to do some maintenance on your own.

Wax the back, but not the front. Really the back and shoulders are the only parts of a guy that can be completely cleared of hair. You’ll have to commit though. Every month and a half or so you will have to have the process repeated. Make sure there isn’t a tuft of fur popping up out of the back of your swim trunks either. With your back shaved, it will be even more noticeable. Someone might thing you’re tucking a tail back there, so you’ll have to at least trim it.

In the front, just trim. Body hair trimmers for men are just glorified beard trimmers, but that’s okay. It’s all you need in the front. Don’t go too short. You don’t want it to look like you are sporting 2 days of stubble all over. Leave the pits slightly longer than everything else. It’s expected for there to be a little extra hair in that area. You just don’t want it to look like your pits saw something scary.

Okay guys, the most important rules are about the downstairs. Of course, you want to clean up. It’s also a nice ego boost, since an individual tree is going to look bigger once you cut down the forest around it. Just don’t go for a clean sweep. You’re a grown man for crying out loud. This is one of the places that requires hair. Also, no designs! She doesn’t want to see an arrow pointing down or anything else that you may think is witty. Remember: trimmed, not manicured. You can clean yourself up without looking like you care too much.


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