The Perfect Smile. I recently decided, after much thought, to investigate options into repairing my sadly worn teeth and (hopefully) achieve that perfect smile. The result of crunching and munching many of the wrong things over the years has taken a toll!  Amazing really to think our teeth manage to retain such strength and rigidity for all we put them through each day, week, month, and year.    I came to my final decision of tooth veneers, it seeming the least invasive procedure.

What is a tooth veneer?

In my case, I chose a Porcelain veneer, the veneer is an extremely thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the front surface of the tooth.  I chose Porcelain as it is the most durable and long lasting of the materials used for veneers.  Other materials currently available on the market are: Ceramic, and also Composite bonding (a paste-like acrylic resin material combined with a filler such as that used for white fillings).

Reasons for dental veneers

Though my veneers were to hide the results of the daily wear and tear I had inflicted on them, one can also utilize the procedure for damaged teeth such as broken, or chipped teeth, stained teeth, and also gaps in the teeth, and the porcelain can be matched to the same colour as the rest of your teeth.  It is said that Porcelain veneers can last as long as ten years, whereas Composite bonding lasts only a year or two.

The procedure

My teeth were prepared for the veneers by first reshaping the front surface of the tooth.  My teeth and gums were numbed with a local anaesthetic and then a fine layer of enamel was shaved off the front of each tooth.  An impression was then made and from this mould the veneer was created.  The dentist placed the veneer over the appropriate tooth to make sure the fit was perfect (some trimming or reshaping of the veneer may be required), then the front surface of each tooth was roughened to allow the dental cement to hold the veneers into place.   Finally, my teeth were polished and I walked out the door with a huge white perfect smile!  You can learn more about veneers and other procedures by visiting a dentist in your area.

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