The 6 Best Ways to Groom Your Facial Hair

Whether clean-shaven or fully-grown, all impressive facial hairstyles have one thing in common: maintenance.

But you don’t need to spend an extra 20 minutes in the bathroom. Simple modifications to your daily grooming routine can instantly tidy up your desired style.
Here are some timeless styles—and the steps you need to get them.

Full Beard

Congratulations: You can grow a thick mane. But a lot of hair comes with a lot of responsibility. Remember, you want people to notice the man, not the beard.

TIP: Care for the hair on your face like the hair on your head. Shampoo it regularly with a beard wash to remove buildup—like food crumbs—and detangle stubborn strands.

But wait for it to dry before trimming. Wet hair behaves differently than dry locks. The latter gives you more control over your final look.




You might have never heard the term balbo—but you’ve definitely seen it before.

Think: If a beard and a mustache were to have a child, this would be it. Instead of a full beard, you shave off patches of hair under your lip, next to your would-be soul patch.

This style adds dimension to guys with narrow chins.

TIP: Notice what’s missing—long sideburns. When it comes to sideburns, there are dos and don’ts, depending on your face shape. As a general rule, they shouldn’t extend past the middle of your ear.




A chinstrap won’t keep a good head on your shoulders—but it can add jawline definition. As a rule of thumb, the rounder your face, the thicker the chinstrap.

We recommend between one-half and one inch, but start wide. It’s better to gradually trim away what you don’t need than risk taking off too much all at once.

TIP: Use a single-blade razor to detail your look. You’ll want a trimmer with different guards to keep your hairs at a uniform length.



By now, you should know that you can’t just wake up like this. Hairs don’t grow at the same rate, so even the simplest five o’clock shadow requires you to roll out of bed a little earlier.

TIP: Watch out for your sideburns. They’ll grow faster than the rest of the hair on your face, so don’t be afraid to grab your trimmer between trips to the barber.

Prevent your sideburns from overgrowing the rest of your scruff. No one looks back on muttonchops and thinks, “That was a great idea.”



A good mustache stands the test of time—and can create some of the craziest styles. But even the traditional flavor saver requires a little love. (No nose hairs extending into your ‘stache!)

TIP: Product is your friend. Use a little mustache wax to help tame stragglers and keep your handlebars (no matter the size) in place.

Work a little between your fingertips and apply with a light touch—you want to provide a little support, not weigh down the hairs.




If only a few hairs pop up when you’re trying to grow a beard, embrace your shortcomings. A fresh shaved face is the way to go. There’s nothing sexy about a guy with the world’s patchiest beard.

TIP: For a smooth shave, go with the grain, and drag your razor in the same direction your hairs grow. This prevents irritation and ingrown hairs.

Also, shave after a warm shower when steam has had a chance to soften the hairs and open your pores.

Bottom Line: No matter what style you choose, there’s one universal rule: Keep your neck and cheeks clear. It sounds simple, but scruff can quickly grow wild.

As soon as you see hairs below your Adam’s apple on your neck and below your cheekbones on your face, it’s time to get out your razor.



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