Study Says Bearded Men are Totally Sexist. Add this to our ongoing list of beard-related talking points, which, over the months, has come to include fecal matter-infested facial hair and the link between whiskered men and fights. Bearded men are more sexist than clean-shaven men, apparently. How do we know this? Science has confirmed it.

Just look to the study titled The Association Between Men’s Sexist Attitudes and Facial Hair(via Broadly). “Facial hair, like many masculine secondary sexual traits, plays a significant role in perceptions of an array of sociosexual traits in men,” the report states. “Given the ease with which facial hair can be groomed and removed entirely, why should some men retain beards and others choose to remove them? We hypothesized that men with relatively sexist attitudes would be more likely to allow their facial hair to grow than men with less sexist attitudes.” Yeah, it could be that–or that people go crazy for guys with beards.

The study asked male subjects to answer an online survey that covered topics of both facial hair and perception of women, and the findings were very interesting. It turns out that men with facial hair are “significantly higher in hostile sexism” than those who don’t. Beyond that, the study even had an explanation as to why scruffy guys were so retrograde: “It is suggested that sexist men choose to grow facial hair because it maximizes sexual dimorphism and augments perceived masculinity and dominance.” So hey, you bushy-bearded dudes, stop maximizing your sexual dimorphism and augmenting your perceived masculinity and dominance, will ya? It’s killing our egalitarian buzz.

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