Shaving products and Astringents for Man

Shaving Products for Men.

More important than shaving oils or creams is the razor you use. Electric razors are less likely to irritate than blades. But if you prefer a blade, choose a single or double-bladed razor. Skip those multi-blade brands that promise the closest possible shave.

“If you have trouble with razor burn and razor bumps, you don’t want a very close shave. It’s better to leave a little growth in order to avoid ingrown hairs,” Glaser says.

Shave in the direction that hairs grow, not against the grain, which can cause more irritation. Some razors come with a built-in moisturizing strip, and many men swear by them. The best bet is to use an aftershave lotion to soothe facial skin and then apply a moisturizer.

  • Look for moisturizers with glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

If over-the-counter solutions don’t work, talk to your doctor about laser beard hair reduction, which can be targeted at troublesome areas.


Astringents for Men

Aftershave lotions and toners contain astringents that tighten the skin, narrowing the pores and creating a firmer skin barrier. Witch hazel is an inexpensive solution that can be used to take the puffiness out of lower eyelids after a night of carousing or a red-eye flight.

Los Angeles-based cosmetologist Marvin Westmore, who works with many actors and actresses, swears by it. “We keep cotton swabs soaked in witch hazel in the refrigerator to use when performers come in looking beat up from the night before,” Westmore says.

  • Avoid toners and astringents that contain alcohol, which causes dryness.


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