Right natural supplement for your prostate, How to find the right natural supplement for your enlarged prostate?. Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH is an affliction that affects over half of men over 50.

It’s responsible for a number of problems that affect older men, none of which are trivial and all of which can make life very difficult for the men who experience these symptoms. Amongst the problems that arise due to a swollen prostate are:

  • Weak or incomplete stream
  • Dribbling or inability to stop urine at the end of urination
  • Difficulty starting the urination process
  • Feeling that the bladder is not empty after urination
  • The urge to urinate again almost immediately after urinating
  • Pain during urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Frequent urination to the point of being inconvenient
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to urinate

All of these problems can be frustrating for older men. They can easily disrupt the natural flow of a man’s life, causing unnecessary problems and not allowing a man to enjoy those golden years of retirement that he has worked all his life for.

Since there is no cure for BPH, men who suffer from the symptoms have to search for prostate support that mitigates their symptoms in some way.

Even though we live in an era ruled by the belief that prescriptions and synthesized drugs are the only effective treatment, it seems that some of the most effective treatments for BPH come from all-natural sources, like plants, fruits and flowers. These components are not only effective at stopping or even reversing the encroaching effects of an inflamed prostate gland, but they’re effectively free from side effects or other possibly detrimental consequences.

When looking for a safe and effective, prostate health supplement, you should look for a product that has these ingredients in it:

Beta-sitosterol- Found in the flower of the Nigella plant, Beta-sitosterol is an anti-inflammatory agent that has been shown to increase urinary flow in men by decreasing the size of the prostate.

Stinging Nettle Root – Stinging nettle has been used as an herbal remedy for a variety of purposes for centuries. Found in almost every wooded region throughout the world, the Stinging Nettle has demonstrated an ability to slow down the growth of new prostate cells and reduce the symptoms of BPH, like weak flow and dripping.

Saw Palmetto Extract — Taken from the fruit of the saw palmetto tree, Saw Palmetto Extract has long been used by Native American tribes to reduce BPH symptoms. Modern science has seen it as an effective prostate treatment in reducing symptoms, especially night urination and urination frequency.

Pumpkin Seed Extract — Pumpkin seed extract — from the pumpkin, obviously — is another known BPH-stopping ingredient. It’s a known anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the swelling inflammation that is the prime driver of BPH and BPH-related symptoms. It’s especially effective at treating weak flow.

Cornsilk – Cornsilk is a fiber taken from the inside of corn husks. It works to relax the muscle surrounding the urethra and the urinary tract, allowing the urine to flow freely.

Swedish Flower pollen – Swedish flower pollen is a natural antioxidant that has been shown to not only decrease swelling in the prostate, but it’s actually worked to reduce the size of the prostate. This makes it a powerful tool to have in the BPH-fighting toolbox.

Indiole-3-Carbinol — Although this ingredient sounds scientific, Indiole-3-carbinol is actually a compound found in broccoli, cauliflower and other stalk-like vegetables. It works by inhibiting the production of new prostate cells, and has been shown to specifically reduce the frequency of night time duration.

These are all of the best ingredients to look for when picking an all-natural prostate supplement. If a supplement doesn’t have one of these ingredients, then you’re not getting all of the tools you need to support prostate health.

Look for an all-natural supplement that contains only plant-sourced, natural ingredients like these, and try to find a product that contains no fillers, binding agents, preservatives or synthetics. It’s also good to look for a product that is tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure maximum quality, safety and potency.

What To Look For In Natural Enlarged Prostate Supplements

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