Most Common Men’s Grooming And Style Problems

Dishing out grooming or style tips and tricks can help you in the longer run, sure. But what about for times when the deed is already done—say you’ve ran out of shaving cream or your zipper won’t work and you need to save your life, or in this case dignity, right there at that time. Worry not for we arm you with these quick-fixes that will help you pull your grooming game up in the times of dire need.

Problem 1- Hangover Skin

Solution- Cold helps in de-puffing face and especially the eyes considering the bags under them are the biggest giveaway. So, if you’re sleep deprived or hungover from last night’s revelry, get up early and put an ice cold pack on your face for 10 minutes. You’ll definitely look fresher even if you feel otherwise.

If you’ve no time for shower, which will be most likely be the case—you can use talcum powder on your hair to make it look less greasy. Powder acts as a dry shampoo—it absorbs excess hair oil. Apply it to the roots and then comb your hair to remove any traces!

Dress well because with good clothes, your office people will pay less attention to your hungover face.

Problem 2- New Shoe Bite

Solution- New shoes are generally appealing to the eyes—not so much for your feet. And though they soften up with regular use, until then shoe bites can be fixed by applying some powder, body lotion or foot cream over the areas sensitive to bites and blisters.

Or you can wear the thickest socks in your wardrobe, put your shoes on and then use a hair dryer to blast your shoes on maximum heat while flexing your feet. This will allow the leather of your shoes to expand!

Problem 3- Your Zipper Is Stuck

Solution- If your zipper’s stuck, you can use graphite to your aid. And for those who’re wondering, a pencil’s lead is made from graphite. Rub it on your zip as it automatically lubricates the zip’s teeth.

Alternatively, you can run a bar of soap along the zipper’s teeth and slowly make it run free. Of course, you need to use it sparingly as you run a risk of catching unsightly oil spots in that area. *Cough*

Problem 4- Damp Cloth Smell

Solution- With Rain gods showing zero mercy on us poor souls, this problem of musty-smelling damp clothes is going to be rather persistent. So, if the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions allow, wash your clothes with the hottest water to remove the odour.

You can also buy and use vinegar which is an all-natural deodorizer as well as a disinfectant. Use a cup of vinegar directly into the gasket of clothes and the musty stench should be gone. Alternatively, you can also put all the damp clothes in the freezer for an hour or so. Yes, you heard it right! Do it and see how effectively it works.

Problem 5- Ucontrollable Face Sweating

Solution- People do sweat excessively in summers but if the problem persists around the year irrespective of the weather and climate—then chances are you’re suffering from a disorder named hyperhidrosis.

You can use anti-perspirant facial wipes which are essentially deodorant wipes and a sure shot winner in controlling excessive facial sweating. They act as a wonderful astringent for your face sweat and really help you in keeping your face dry.

Problem 6- No Shaving Cream

Solution- Believe it or not but there are plenty of alternatives of shaving cream. Soap, conditioners, lotions, baby oil, shampoo—any of these will do the job of allowing the razor to glide well on your face as well keeping it insulated from any razor burns. But make sure you take your shower first in order to soften your facial hair and then use the products.

Problem 7- Short Lived Monsoon Scents

Solution- Scents in this weather almost entirely evaporate in less than 3 hours, so by the time you reach for that presentation meeting after lunch—you know you smell anything but great. The trick is to be smarter while applying scents. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer first as the oils help the scent lock down and then spray over your body, under your clothes. Think chest or biceps as the evaporation rate is lower on these body parts.

Problem 8- Your Junk Smells

Solution- Sometimes on hot days when heat gets trapped faster in confined spaces, your nether region begins to smell funky. To keep the smell at bay, apply some baby powder or talcum-powder on the area. It will also keep the area dry. Use it sparingly, however.

Problem 9- Rain Soaked Shoes

Solution-  It’s probably an old-fashion, grandma-esque way but it still works the best. Stuffing shoes with balled up pieces of newspapers can help absorb moisture from your footwear. If your shoes are really wet the paper will be saturated quickly and replacing it will be required. You might have to do this many times before the shoes are totally dry.

Rubbing stale bread crusts on shoes, especially suedes, can also help pull the moisture and provide momentarily respite.



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