Men Shave Their Armpits. Grooming The Armpits

“Hey, I was wondering if shaving armpits is becoming part of the expected grooming ritual for men? I see a lot of young guys at the gym are doing it and I want to know it’s that’s something I should be doing myself?- Tyler”

The decision of whether or not to shave your armpits is quite personal, but it’s definitely something you should consider.

The reality is, and while shocking, when I first checked to see how many other men who asking the same question it was mind blowing.

There are thousands of men each month looking for an answer to this simple question, so I felt obligated to answer it for you.

Now, any kind of body hair can trap odor or look unsightly so there’s nothing wrong with keeping your grooming habits in check. Some women also find bushy armpit hair to be a major turnoff. However, shaving isn’t your only option, and you may not necessarily need to do anything at all; it really just depends on your own personal preference to be honest.

When you let your arms hang at your sides with a shirt off, your armpit hair should not be poking out in the front or the back. If you have curly hair, you should not be presenting a veritable bush when you raise your arm. Your underarm hair should not be long enough to tangle. Lastly, take a whiff of your underarms a few hours after showering and using antiperspirant. You shouldn’t smell unless you have been sweating heavily. If your hair is breaking any of these rules, you need to groom.

1. Trimming

Instead of going for a full shave right off the bat, a lot of men like to simply use scissors and cut the hair shorter. This will decrease odor and leave a more neat appearance. If sharp scissors make you nervous, there are pairs available for personal grooming that have rounded tips to avoid any accidental bloodshed.

Some men also like to use a trimmer with a guard on it to leave an inch or less of underarm hair. No matter what you decide to use to trim, you will be left with less hair and less odor without having to go bare.

You simply can’t go wrong with trimming, in fact, I’d recommend that over shaving any day.

2. Shaving

If trimming the hair down still isn’t appealing to you, you do have the option of shaving. While some people may scoff and think it is feminine, plenty of male models, competitive swimmers, dancers and gymnasts shave their underarms. Men prone to heat rash may also enjoy shaving. Don’t let anyone else’s ignorance decide how you will groom yourself.

Should your hair be long, trim it down first with a pair of scissors. Using the same type of razor and shaving cream or gel you use on your face, shave the remaining hair off. Only drag the razor up or down, do not shave sideways as this could result in painful irritation or ingrown hairs.

Don’t shave the same area over and over again for the same reasons. If shaving is painful, you may want to do it in the shower after the hair has been softened by hot water.

3. Potential Grooming Problems

Deciding to shave your armpits may be seen by some women as a turn-off, while other ladies may appreciate your fastidiousness and attention to hygiene. This may hinge upon your geographical area quite a bit, as grooming standards vary by location. Only you can decide if judgment from others will bother you.

When you first begin shaving, you may notice some irritation. This usually goes away within the first few days. You can help the situation by washing carefully each day and using an antiperspirant to keep your underarms dry. You can also use baby powder or corn starch to help fight wetness, as it is on of the main causes of irritation.

If you are prone to ingrown hairs, scrubbing with a loofah can help bring the hairs to the surface. Should this fail, use a sterilized needle to bring the hair to the surface. Don’t be tempted to squeeze ingrown hairs like pimples, as this can cause swelling in the area and make matters much worse.

Deciding whether or not to shave your underarms is entirely up to you. However, if you decide to give it a whirl, following these tips will help guide you. If you plan to grow the hair back out for beach season or another occasion, be aware that it can take up to three months to grow back in evenly.

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