When March comes, happiness is in the air and fulfills your lungs with spirit for the whole month. It is spring break in which St. Patrick’s Day takes place along with another March feasts. It is a holiday that most people wait for and then celebrate it with Irish classic green beer and Jameson all day long. St. Patrick Day’s is a time to get drunk and wake up with hangover signs in the morning.


But for most people, getting up in the morning with a headache because of the beer they have the night before will lead them into problems. No one expects to show up in their workplace in a messy look. But there is nothing to be worried about since there are some remedies you can take. They are believed to be the most effective ways to cure a hangover, and the best part, plus one way you might never think before.

    1.             Prevention

    The first and best thing to avoid a hangover is by not drinking at all. But, of course this will useless at all since you can’t avoid it during the celebration of March feasts.


    1.             Greasy Food

    It might be ridiculous, but yes, consuming greasy food can help you reduce the symptoms of hangover. Though most people choose to eat hash browns for that, but there is no particular grease food you should eat to help you reduce the symptoms.


    1.             Hair of the Dog

    If it is impossible for you to avoid drinking during the feast to prevent hangover, continuing to drink can be the solution you can take. But it only slows down the hangover symptoms for some hours. Still you will get a headache after that. It will even worsen your symptoms once you stop drinking.


    1.             Massage

    Last but not the least and has probably been the most effective one to reduce hangover symptom is massage. It is a fact. Unlike the other ways mentioned above, the Men and Massage done can benefit you to reduce the symptoms in many ways. First of all, it can increase your body’s immune system. This is very helpful because your body will absorb a lot of toxins and your liver can’t take them all out from your body. The massage conducted will help your body boost the work of the lymphatic system to take all the toxins out. It can also boost the blood circulation to your brain and reduce headache. A massage can help your body to relax so you can sleep easily. You will be fresh when you wake up.

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