How to Trim Your Eyebrows . You might be thinking ’pluck off’, but let’s get real—allowing your brows to go rogue is like asking for early admittance to AARP. (If you haven’t noticed, with each birthday they grow a little longer and more scraggly.) You want to keep brows rough and masculine, but taking some of the weight out of them can completely change your face for the better. We tapped eyebrow guru Anastasia Soare, who works on David Beckham’s arches, for tips on whipping your own into shape.

  1. Start With a Trim

Brush brows up with a comb or old toothbrush. Using a scissor with a straight, short blade (try mustache scissors), snip off a millimeter straight across. Brush them down, check your work, and dig back in a little at a time if you need to remove more weight.

  1. Pluck Your Bert-Brow

“Put your thumb pad between brows, and remove any stray hairs below it,” says Soare. The space shouldn’t be bigger than 3/4 an inch or you could end up with a more pronounced nose. The best time to remove hairs is after a steamy shower when your pores are open. Pull skin taught, then use a tweezer (Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer is a good option) to pull hairs in the direction they grow in.

  1. Keep Things Natural

Strays that pop up seriously outside your brow line can go, but leave most strays below and above the brow line in place to maintain a masculine arch. If yours need more restraining, use a little hairspray on that old toothbrush and brush onto hairs to keep them in place.



The Process: How to Trim Your Eyebrows (While Still Looking Like a Man)

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