How To Take Care Of Your Hair. Many guys do not really pay too much attention to the treatment of their hair, and yet they love it when that cute someone compliments them on their locks or gives him a sexy caress — as if those compliments are not reason enough for a little TLC. We all want our locks to last a lifetime but we might not be doing enough to preserve them in the best shape possible, so spend some time learning about the care and upkeep of your hair that will pay a lifetime of dividends.

How often should I wash my hair and with what type of shampoo?
Hair should be shampooed when it’s dirty, which means when the oil and and dirt have built up in the hair and it’s unmanageable. Many times the hair just needs a rinse, as this will be enough to remove the dirt and leave the hair soft and manageable. I would say that you should wash your hair about an average of 2-3 times per week — embrace dry shampoo already!

What type of shampoo should I use? 

The shampoo should be formulated for your hair type; a low lathering formula without sulfates (they can cause dry brittle hair) would be ideal. Most men’s hair products formulate without them, so it should not be that difficult to find.

Do I need to use conditioner? 
Absolutely. This is a major part of caring for your hair. Conditioners keep your hair smooth and controlled. Imagine taking a shower and not applying moisturizer to your skin — same idea!

How do I decide on which styling products to use?

Your hair stylist is always a great source. Ask them about types of products for your hair, as well as how and when to use them. You can also read (insert article related to products here)

Do I have to use a hair dryer? 
This depends upon your hair type and the hairstyle trend you’re looking to imitate. Short or smooth hair? Not so necessary. However, if you are going for a polished look, I highly suggest drying it. Also, usually blow dryers come with a nozzle; please use it as this part will give you the ability to control the section you are drying and keep the rest of the hair wet and ready to be dried. If you like your cut natural, with a little root drying, maybe all you need is a touch of product before allowing it to air dry.

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