How to Remove Facial Ingrown Hair.

Ingrown hairs are just normal hair that curled back into it’s own follicle, or gets stuck inside the skin inside of growing.

While the story of a single hair may not seem worth writing about, it is painful and can become infected.

This is your normal healthy stubble

This is stubble with ingrown hair

Remove your ingrown hairs before it does.


Use an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and oil that are clogging the ingrown hair’s way out. The scrub granules can also nudge the hair out. Don’t scrub too hard, and don’t go near a scab.


Since they are eruptions of the skin, ingrown hairs are like pimples. Therefore, using the same treatment of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in your pimple cream as prescribed along with the daily scrub can reduce swelling, and open up the hair’s exit path through your skin.

Instead of medication, you can also use apply a moist compress of hot water (after wringing out the water) and hold it to the hair.

Continue until you can see the hair – it will have risen noticeably out of the follicle. If it doesn’t, you need help, or another diagnosis.


I don’t advise going beyond a standard pair of tweezers after the hot water compress. You aren’t aiming to tweeze the hair out, and don’t hack and stab at the follicle. Boil the tweezers or dip them in alcohol to sterilize them.

You also don’t need to yank out the hair entirely – you just gently pull at it to expose it to skin level like the other members of the stubble family.

Midway through tweezing, if you see a loop of hair at skin-level, get your tweezers, or a sterilized needle (dip it in alcohol, or boiling water) into the loop and pull up and out. Alternatively, a pointy tipped tweezers can also do this.

Apply a bit of antiseptic or toner to prevent against infection and seal the pores.

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