How come I feel embarrassed to ask a girl out?

Some guys feel very embarrassed to show his feelings, other guys feel very insecure, others just are shy… but the real question is WHY?…

I think you would know that reason better than any of us, but some possible guesses:

  1. You have been taught that being desired by women is linked to your social status, and if she rejects you, it will mean you are of lower status/importance, thus injuring your self-esteem.
  2. You have been taught that your sexuality is in some fashion immoral and inappropriate to express.
  3. You are worried that if she doesn’t like you, this will influence other peoples’ (especially other women’s) opinions of you.
  4. You are worried that if she does like you it will result in changes in your life.
  5. You have never expressed sexual interest in someone before and it is scary simply because it is new.

Why some attractive men are insecure and have low self-esteem?

People respond on quora’s app: “Maybe because they were bullied as a child, talked down to, are surrounded by negative people and have nobody around them who has something positive to say”.

“The same fact applies to women also. I’ve seen attractive women who see themselves as ugly and unattractive, yet the reality is another story. It all comes down to self perception and how the individual feels about themselves”…


Taken from Quora

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