Body Hair Removal Techniques For Men. Once upon a time, hair removal was strictly a female activity. Unless you are a swimmer, athlete or a body builder, then chances are that your body hair is untouched. Well, not anymore!

Most men are opting for women’s grooming rituals, which includes having a smooth, hair-free body. Men don’t necessarily want it all removed, but they definitely want body hair to be thinned out, more so on their back, chest and limbs.

If you’re one of those, here’s a lowdown on the 6 most common hair removal options available today.

Temporary techniques

1) Waxing or Sugaring

Think hair removal, and most people think of waxing. Think waxing and most people envision pain. Of course, waxing is no cake walk but it’s not unbearable either. However, it is one of the most effective methods as it removes hair from the root. The technique involves spreading hot wax on the desired area, and then applying a piece of cloth or muslin onto the wax, rubbing it and ripping off the strip in one swoop. Sugaring is similar to waxing; only it uses sugar paste, which is made of sugar, lemon, water and citric acid. With repeated use, hair gradually becomes thinner as the roots are weakened.

2) Shaving

Most guys shave regularly, or might have done it at one point in their life. When it comes to body hair removal, shaving is probably the easiest method available. It allows you to cover any area of your body in one go with just a razor and a shaving cream. Of course, the technique plays a very important role here. It’s important to shower with warm water before shaving any part as it will help you open pores and raise hair follicles. Arm yourself with a good quality razor and shaving foam, shave it in the direction of hair growth, and you can’t possibly go wrong.

3) Electrical trimming

Using electrical trimmers is all about subtle maintenance of body hair and are perfect for someone who is a beginner in body hair removal. Moreover, electric trimmers are very safe, irritation-free, unlike razors, and it allows you to control the length of the hair to be trimmed. Of course, it won’t give a smooth finish but won’t let you become completely bare at the same time. This is also a good method for people who’ve got sensitive skin.

4) Hair removal creams

Also known as Depilatories, hair removal creams are a pain free way of removing excess body hair. It works on by applying the product on the desired area for at least 10-15 minutes where it dissolves the protein structure of a hair strand thereby making it easier for uprooting. However, these kinds of products can be a little harsh on your skin and won’t work well on thick, dark hair. One word of advice – be sure to follow all the instructions provided on the leaflet and do a patch test on a small area of skin to avoid any reactions that could potentially occur.

Permanent techniques

5) Laser hair-removal

Approved by FDA, laser treatment involves a laser beam that involves heating up the hair follicle and putting it into a dormant stage of growth. Results depend on your skin pigmentation and the colour of your hair, so you will first need to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. While laser treatment offers a permanent reduction in the quantity and quality of hair, it’s also one of the most expensive methods. That said this is the mother of all hair removal techniques. So, keep in mind that your back might be a good place to eliminate all the body hair from, you might not want to say goodbye to other hairy parts, in which case waxing can be a better alternative.

6) Electrolysis

Using an ultra-slim needle to penetrate each individual hair shaft, this system delivers tiny shocks of electricity to the hair follicle, killing the cells that help hair grow. Once the cell is gone, no hair can ever grow there again. It offers permanent results, but there is no guarantee and the effectiveness varies from person to person. Ideal parts to zap hair are brows (unibrow), back of neck and sporadic hairs on body. It’s significantly more expensive and time consuming as it could take up to a year to eliminate body hair completely.

Take time to figure out which technique will suit you best, and zip or pull accordingly.




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