Beat Bad Breath. Bad breath happens to everyone at one time or another. Whether its morning breath, coffee breath, or something you just ate, breath odor can be inconvenient and embarrassing in social situations. For most people bad breath is caused by food intake and can easily be cured with regular hygiene or a breath mint. However the cause of stinky breath can be a sign of something more serious like mouth disease or medical complications. So what’s the first step you should take to freshen your breath? Check out our 5 best tips.

1. Practice good hygiene – brush twice (morning and night) and floss at least once a day. This may seem like a no brainer but if you slack in the oral hygiene department plaque and bacteria build up can be a big contributor to bad breath.

2. Stay hydrated – Drinking water is not only essential to stay alive but it helps keep your saliva flowing through the day so you don’t get the stagnant hot breath feeling. It’s also a great idea to swoosh around water in your mouth after a meal to clean up any remaining food particles.

3. Stop smoking – If you’re a smoker then you might be immune to your own bad smelling breath. Regular smokers are more prone to teeth and gum disease (among other complications) due to the oxygen depletion from the smoke. Do your breath and overall body a favor and ditch your habit.

4. Know your foods – Garlic and onions are the main culprits when you think about foods that cause bad breath. However you might be surprised that meat can also be a huge offender due to particles collecting at the gum line and getting stuck between teeth.

5. Natural after meal remedies – chewing on parsley, mint, basil, cilantro or dill after a meal can help offset foods with strong odors. The crushed herbs release essential oils that mask odors in breath. So don’t waste that parsley garnish use it as a natural breath mint.

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