Bald? Eat nuts and have a fried breakfast. The good news for men is that ­scientists have ­discovered a cause of baldness — the failure of hair-producing cells to develop properly.

The bad news is that effective treatment could be a decade away. While your genes play a major role in hair loss, what many men don’t realise is that their everyday habits could be exacerbating the problem.

Here, Britain’s leading hair experts reveal the simple steps to help ­minimise it:


This can scratch the scalp and pull the hair out at the root, ­damaging the hair follicle.

It’s important to treat the scalp gently when shampooing, and never tug at your hair with a brush or comb, says Dr Bessam Farjo, a hair restoration surgeon from Manchester.

Dandruff, eczema or dermatitis (characterised by an itchy, flaky scalp) are linked to hair loss; they trigger ­inflammation, which has an adverse effect on hair follicles.


Hair is composed of keratin, which gives it its strength. Too ­little protein (red meat, fish, eggs, chicken) affects keratin levels; your hair will lose its strength and stop growing, says Philip Kingsley, consultant trichologist.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for boosting your hair follicles, he says.


There is some evidence that petroleum-based styling waxes (look for paraffin or petroleum on the label’s list of ingredients) can block hair follicles and cause them to stop growing, says London-based hairdresser Jimmy Campbell.

This is especially true if it is used heavily over a long time. Stick to water-based products.

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