A Man’s Guide to Pedicures. If your a guys guy like me, then this intro should sound familiar, but bear with me fellas, I attend to do good and keep things manly. Just the word pedicure gets most us men thinking the wrong way as soon as we hear it. Many men believe that pedicures are strictly a female thing(or gay). Nothing could be further from the truth! A pedicure is simply the care of the feet to avoid complications and to make them look their best. Since we all have feet, pedicures are in no way restricted to only females. Getting a man’s pedicure or, foot rehabilitation can be extremely beneficial. This is most likely a major reason that a lot of us guys have problems with our feet, such as ingrown toenails and athletes foot. The majority of us don’t begin to start getting men pedicures until something goes wrong. This behavior is similar to our outlook on visiting the doctor – generally we don’t go until we have to be wheeled in there. It is best though to prevent problems before they happen. Many problems with the feet reoccur once you get them the first time, which is why it’s so important to keep your feet problem free. With a pedicure, there are certain things that most men will deem too feminine. All of the regular pedicure steps within the pedicure guide are, for the most part, neutral. The only real areas of concern with a pedicure for men will be the foot soak and polish application steps (please omit the polish steps). It will be necessary to add masculine aspects to these two areas. Refer to the pedicure guide paying attention to these two sections. More Masculine Foot soak If you are going to do an at home pedicure, to make foot soaks more masculine, forego any kinds of petals and bubble bath. You can add fragrances but make them more neutral or manly. Some non-toxic aromas favored by males include: Patchouli (great on athlete’s foot) Vanilla (great for the skin and hair as well) Cypress (great for sweaty, oily skin and feet) Sandalwood (great for the skin and depression) Ginger (great for aching muscles, poor circulation and arthritis) Black pepper (great for aching muscles, poor circulation and arthritis) Vetiver (great for aching muscles, arthritis and sores) All of these can be purchased in the form of essential oils in flasks. Remember do not apply any oil directly to the skin unless sufficiently diluted. When used in your foot soaks you will only use a small portion so it will be sufficiently diluted. Unless of course you add like a gallon! Make sure to use all the other ingredients like Epsom salt for that soothing effect. You can still add the milk for the extra exfoliation and deodorizing aspect. There are so many benefits men can receive from getting regular pedicures. For instance, helping to stop foot odor by removing dead excess skin from the soles and the prevention of ingrown toenail, calluses and corns. Ladies, you can treat that special man in your life to a special men pedicure using these tips to help keep his feet happy, healthy and handsome


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Article: http://www.blackisonline.com/2010/08/mans-guide-to-pedicures/

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