A GREAT GUIDE TO SHAVING BRUSHES. Look in the bathroom of any well-groomed European and you’ll probably find a shaving brush. These tools have been favorites of the Euro set for hundreds of years, but have yet to go mainstream in the States.

However, with the American male’s newfound fondness for the grooming arts, the popularity of shaving brushes is on the rise. Nowadays, more and more American men are realizing the shaving, aesthetic and cultural benefits of using such tools. Let’s get you in the loop right now…


Shaving brushes improve the quality of every shave by:

Softening Skin: Brushes get underneath the beard, allowing shaving products to further penetrate and tenderize.

Raising Whiskers: While below the beard, the brush stands facial hair at attention, making it easier for the razor to remove it. Brushes also help to lift out stubborn ingrown hairsby acting as a light exfoliant. This is in direct contrast to shave cream application by hand, which tends to mat down facial hair.

Creating A Slick Barrier: The moistened brush, combined with shaving cream, creates an ultra-lubricated coat upon which a razor can glide. Consequently, less razor pressure is required to achieve a close shave.

The Lather: The warm and pleasant lather a brush creates is simply the cherry on top.


Any shave, with or without a brush, should begin with a face that is clean, warm and moist. Then, follow these steps:

• Wet the shaving brush with warm water and gently shake off any excess H20.

• Place a small amount of shaving cream on the tip or center of the brush. For ease of use, one can also rotate the brush over a tub of shaving cream or a shaving soap.

• Lather cream onto face using a circular, scrubbing motion. To make a richer lather, add more hot water to the brush. Be certain not to add too much water though, as it will create more “slime” than lather.

• Shave away as per our “Guide To The Greatest Shave Ever,” re-lathering areas with brush as needed.

• Finish by rinsing face with cold water and applying a soothing post shave balm.


After each shave:

• Rinse brush thoroughly with warm water and flick brush hairs to remove stubborn H20.

• Place “hairs down” in a stand so water can move away from the base of the hairs.

• To avoid mildew or smell, avoid placing in a closed cupboard or bag.

• Do not expose brush to any boiling water or tug or pull on the hairs as that will weaken the tool.


From: http://www.groominglounge.com/shave-brush-with-greatness

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