5 Easy Fourth of July hairstyles for men

Whether you’re enjoying a weekend away, showing off your grilling skills at a BBQ or indulging in a good old fashioned TV marathon this Fourth of July, there’s no reason you can’t rock an awesome hairstyle at the same time. To help you choose such a hairstyle, we’ve selected five of our favoriteIndependence Day looks in the gallery above.

Which one will you choose?

Styling tips

1/ Add volume

Whether you’re using a gel, putty or wax on your hair, it’s really easy to boost your hair’s natural volume after applying the product. All you need to do is massage the roots with some product on your fingertips before gently sweeping your mane into place with your hands.

If your hair is especially fine, however, a volumizing mousse can make a world of difference. Scrunch it through wet hair, then rough-dry on a medium heat with a blowdryer to give your hair more body for a fuller looking finish.

2/ Add texture

There’s a difference between bed head hair and tousled hair, and that difference equates to some semblance of control. To show your hair who’s boss, use some flexible hold gum to even out the texture all over, then rake it into place with your fingers.






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