10 Reasons why men should to get Massages

Below are some reasons why men should get massage frequently.


  1.             Better Sleep at night

Report says that around 20% of men get difficulties to sleep at night or insomnia. This reduces their productivity in the morning. Massage can help men release serotonin hormone inside their body so they can feel relaxed and gain better sleep at night.

  1.             Reduce Back Pain

Men are more prone to experience back pain than women. The massage they get will help them to loosen their tense muscles and reduce the pain on their back.

  1.             Post Workout Recovery

Most men love sports and prone to get muscle soreness because of that. Massage can help them to heal it and increase their immune system as well as their blood circulation inside the body.

  1.             Look Younger 

Who doesn’t want to look younger with just few gray hairs on head? Massage can help men to look younger as it prevents stress and reduce tension which are the main reason why men’s hairs turn gray.

  1.             More Energy

It has been stated before that massage can help men to release serotonin hormone so they feel more relaxed. This condition will result in a mood boost so they will have more spirit to do their activities.

  1.             Better Flexibility

Massage can improve men’s flexibility. Researches reveal that they tend to have less flexibility compared to women. This makes them have higher possibility to get injured and suffer from muscle pain.

  1.             Reduce Stiffness

Sitting on desk for hours often cause pain on neck for men. The body massage done can help them to reduce the stiffness and heal the pain.

  1.             Confront your fears

Most men are reluctant to do body massage because they are afraid to experience erection, drool, or pass gas during the process. It is something normal and nothing should be worried about as experienced therapist will not be annoyed with that.

  1.             Improve Blood Circulation

Massage can boost the blood circulation inside the body. It then helps men to reduce the risk of cardiovascular illness, even heal it.

  1.          In-Home Service

Most men are reluctant to visit traditional spa. But just don’t be worried as now many spa offers in-home service that meets your convenience and spare time.

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