The Ultimate Men Spa Experience!

Work like a man, and relax like one too at Zion Spa! Choose one of our signature packages and leave relaxed and ready to take the bull by the horns, if you know what we mean …

Men’s spa packages, massages, facials and grooming.

Justinian Package

Enjoy a little taste of heaven with two of Zion Spa Favorite treatments.

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with a neck and shoulder 30-Minutes Warrior massage followed by a 30-Minutes Warrior Facial  including double cleaning and rejuvenating skin mask

(Duration: 1 Hour)

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Constantine Package

Experience a complete rejuvenation from head to toe.

The treatment Begins with Zion Spa famous 30-Minute Warrior  followed by a rejuvenating, 30-minute Warrior Facial, customized to refreshed your face and make your look younger.

Conclude this amazing experience by taking care of your hands and feet with a Warrior hand and feet Grooming.

(Duration: 2 Hours)

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Trajan Package

Indulge your self with a series of Zion’s best and most popular services. You will feel completely rejuvenated and ready for your next battle.

This experience starts with a reenergizng 60-Minutes Warrior Massage. Next a world of rejuvenation is yours with a 60-Minute Centurion Facial with everything a man needs to look and feel younger; Followed by a 30-Warrior Body Scrub with salt from the Dead Sea will remove all the roughness and dryness of your skin.

To finish, a 30-Minutes Warrior Reflexology that will restore your feet utilizing pressure points to heal your pains and aches.

(Duration: 3 Hours)

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Augustus Package

Leave your worries behind and enter in a complete relaxation mode with some of  the best services Zion Spa has to offer!

This Indulging package begins with a our invigorating 60-Minutes Centurion facial treatment perfect to clean your pores and get rid of all the impurities in your skin. Enter to nirvana with a 60-minutes Centurion Massage completly customized to your individual needs.

Next it’s time for a full body skin rejuvenation with our 30-Minutes Warrior Body Scrub with Dead Sea salt, a luxurious blend of natural oils. To finish, our Legionary  Warrior Hand & Foot Grooming: an invigorating foot scrub, and moister-charged paraffin dip. Light lunch is served with this package.

(Duration: 3.5 Hours)

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Caesar Package

Get ready to be treated like royalty with a selection of the finest services Zion Spa has to Offer.

This experience starts with with a 90-Minute Legionary Massage totally customized to your needs enhance with hot stones and steamed towels followed by a rejuvenating, 60-minute Centurion Facial including barber wraps, and cleaning mask.

A 30-minutes Warrior Body Scrub is included to renew the skin of your entire body. followed by a decadent body butter mask.To finish this package a 30-Minutes Warrior Reflexology will alliviate your pains and aches thru the used of pressure points. Light lunch is served with this package.

(Duration: 3.5 Hours)

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Marius Package

Enter a world of luxury and indulgence; This package is design for those who enjoy the best things in life.

We start with a 90-Minutes Legionary Massage with steamed towels and hot stones perfect to relax your muscles. Next 90-Minutes Legionary facial will prepare your skin to look young by removing the impurities your skin might have.

Your body will feel revitalized a 30-Minutes Warrior Body Scub combined with the hydrating action of a body butter mask. Next rejuvenated your hands and feet with a Legionary hands and feet grooming with paraffin mask and steamed towels.

To finish, a 30-Minutes  Legionary foot reflexology will  complete the relaxation thru the use of pressure points.  Light lunch is served with this package.

(Duration: 5 Hours)

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Two-hour Grooming Spa Package

Escape the stress of daily life and enter the world of nurturing indulgence with Zion Spa most popular services.

Start with a delightful 30-minute s Warrior massage, followed by an anti-aging 30-minutes Warrior facial and a 30-minutes Warrior foot reflexology session.

This package concludes with a  Warrior hand grooming treatment leaving you ready to return to your manly activities.

(Duration: 2 Hours)

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