The Ultimate Hair Style Experience!

Because “Bed Head” has never been a hair style; and don’t let Hollywood fool you. Come to Zion Spa and let our hair stylists do their job and pair you with a rocking look that will make you stand out from the rest…. And you can tell your pack you got a hairstyle named after a Roman military rank.

Men’s haircuts, barbershop, beard trimming, shaving, grooming.

Our goal as a mens spa is to make you feel and look great, therefore we have different grooming services according what you need and look for…

Warrior Haircut

Come enjoy a beverage of your choice while a Zion Spa professional washes, conditions, and styles your manly mane; they’ll even throw in a shoulder massage wile at it.



(Duration: 30 Minutes)

Book Now                                          $35

Centurion Haircut

This is like getting a Warrior Haircut, but better – you’ll get the same benefits plus a whipping-awesome scalp massage. All you have to do is pay a bit more!




(Duration: 45 Minutes)

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Legionary Haircut

And this is the Warrior Haircut in steroids… But we if we named it as such we would have the FDA investigating and not letting us do our job; plus you have to agree that naming Zion Spa’s treatments with military Roman ranks is fun! So, get the same benefits as in the Centurion Haircut plus steamed-towel therapy and a hot-lathered neck shave. All you have to do is pay a bit, bit more.



(Duration: 60 Minutes)

Book Now                                          $65