The Ultimate Facial Experience!

Let Zion Spa get in your face, LITERALLY! Facials are not “just for women”, they are intended to treat the human face. Do you have a face? Chances are the answer is “yes” and Zion Spa has the manly treat for your brawny face.


Men’s facials, the best treatments for men. Once you have tried them you will always come back for more.

Warrior Facial

You are a man on the go, and your face happens to follow wherever you go! If this is the case, and since you face is attached to your head, and your head “should” be attached to your shoulders  (basic anatomy). This revitalizing facial is just for you. Services include consultation, customized facial, deep cleansing, hot barber wraps, facial massage, and a lock-moisture mask to keep your face fresh..

(Duration: 30 Minutes)

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Centurion Facial

Let us take your face to next level… and don’t worry; it’ll still be attached to your head once we are done with it. So, it’s like getting a Warrior Facial, but we will go as far south as to deep-cleanse your neck and pectorals (don’t you get any dirty ideas). We will even throw in an eye mask, or gel (whichever you please) to relieve your manly partying and puffy eyes.

(Duration: 60 Minutes)

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Legionary Facial

Simplifying: you will get the benefits of the Centurion Facial. We will still go south (just to the pectoral area, your monster!) and we will go to the east and to the west – YES! We will throw the relaxing, what-every-men-ever-needed shoulder massage, plus a milk mask (because let’s face it, a little protein in the face never hurt anyone), and cold-stone therapy.

(Duration: 90 Minutes)

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