Zion's Massage

The Ultimate Massage Experience!

“It’s all in the wrist”, and “we have the magic touch”. Both famous lines… And at Zion Spa we don’t mean cliché, but our massages are just like those lines: professional and ooh-ah! -MAZING! Come and taste a stress-free environment filled with touching and relaxing, in a PG-rated kind of way… Don’t you get any dirty ideas; we are a respected Spa, not a W____ H______.  Yes, we know what you are thinking!  We even have add-ons to satiate your need for stress-free hunger.


Zion Men Spa Therapeutic Massage by Male and Female Therapists

Warrior Massage

Treat yourself to a 30-minute massage session, and leave relaxed and stress free! Give yourself the gift of feeling like a new man capable of taking on any task. We are that good! Ask our trained therapists for a menu of our add-ons for a customized experience. No matter the add-on, the Zion Spa massage will always be PG-rated clean. We just feel compelled to make that disclaimer…


(Duration: 30 Minutes)

Book Now                                          $55

Centurion Massage

Treat yourself to 60-minutes in heaven! We will make you feel like a brand-new car with an engine ready to roar! So you can go back to doing what gave you that sore muscle in the first place (WINK-WINK!). If you are up for a more enhanced experience (keep it clean, people, keep it clean), ask our trained therapists for a menu of our add-ons.


(Duration: 60 Minutes)

Book Now                                          $90

Legionary Massage

Want to know the difference between Jell-O and Crème brûlée? Head into Zion Spa for a 90-minute massage session of greatness and relaxation-filled luxury. We will even print a recipe for Crème brûlée upon request. Again, don’t get any dirty ideas (we known how the male mind reasons), but you can always ask our therapists for a list of add-ons to enhance your massage session.


(Duration: 90 Minutes)

Book Now                                        $130


Hot & Cold Rocks

Relax your muscles, joints and soft tissue by adding Zion Spa award-winning Hot or Cold Stone Therapy to your massage session. Don’t you worry, we are not going to throw the stones at you, as a matter of fact, we will gently place the rocks (and by rocks, we mean real rocks, smooth pebbles) throughout you body to alleviate pain, improve circulation and get rid of body toxins while reducing stress levels.


Add-On $60

Four Hands

Give your back the experience of two people working on your sore muscles. How else did you think we would come up with four hands? Yes, to answer your question: in theory this is a three-people massage session (you and two therapists), with the huge difference that two of the three are focused on massaging your body, and you… Well, your mind can think whatever you desire…  at no extra cost, but KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS TO YOURSELF!


Add-On $40/30Min


Essential Oils

Yes, oils, they are not just for lubricating…  your car’s engine, that’s it, your car’s engine! What else did you think we were going to say? You, monster! Your massage therapist will help you choose an essential oil targeted to your desired need…

Add-On $40

UV hot Towel

For a much more rewarding experience, enhance any of our Zion Spa signature message sessions with the refreshing hot moisture of our carefully prepared towels from our UV towel warmer. There’s no other way to describe this add-on. No matter what we say, we know where you mind is going…



Add-On $20