Body Scrubs

The Ultimate Men Spa Expeience!

Exfoliation (n): a lacking process in the grooming routine of most men. It’s the cold, hard truth! The benefits of a getting a full body scrub on a regular basis is a healthier, younger-looking skin that will gain you access to all the attention you ever dreamed of, and more…

Man’s Body Scrub Spa Treatment – Best Spa Treatments for Men

Warrior Scrub

Have you ever dressed a prime rib? Well, we will basically perform the same process on your entire body –minus the “bake at 350°C degrees for 2 hours, or until golden brown”. We are here to make your skin better, not to kill it. Zion Spa will “dress” you from head to toe with traditional non-cooking oils, exotic (yet legal) herbs, and Dead Sea Salts, for a total buffing (as in manly glow, not muscle) experience.

(Duration: 45 Minutes)

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Centurion Scrub

More cooking allegories… As a man, food-related allegories might just work better in explaining this particular grooming service. So, instead of  “dressing” your body similarly as to dressing a prime rib, in the Centurion Scrub we will make you into a healthy breakfast by using Oat Brand as the main ingredient for this body scrub. Other active ingredients include oat kernels and pumice rock (not recommended to have with breakfast) to help remove excessive oil from your skin. .

(Duration: 60 Minutes)

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Legionary Scrub

And now for dessert: because we have already described two main courses that we can make your body into. So, fight seasonal lethargy with this uplifting, yet fruity (but in a good way, not as in fruit cake) body scrub! Let Zion Spa lather you up in a blend of bergamot, grapefruit and peppermint oils; gritty enough to get the skin-buffing job done, yet skin-softening friendly.

(Duration: 60 Minutes)

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